• Rostov-on-Don and Yantai became twin cities
    On June 22, 2017 talks were held with the officials of Yantai, during which the head of the administration of Rostov Vitaly Kushnaryov introduced the southern capital in terms of its socio-economic development.
    With the assistance of the Center for Technology Transfer, DSTU, a memorandum of twin cities was signed between Rostov-on-Don and Yantai as part of the SRSPA event in Yantai, China.

    Also, the Rostov delegation visited the open economic zone of Yantai, investments in which amounted to about $ 1 billion.

    The leaders of sister cities discussed the potential cooperation, in particular, the deployment of Rostov enterprises in the open economic zone and the development of a project of such a zone in the Don capital.

    On May 31, 2016 in the Don State Technical University the meeting of the rector Besarion Chohoevich Meskhi with the delegation from the People's Government of Yantai City and the Board of the High and New Technologies Zone of Yantai City (PRC, Shandong Province) took place.

    During the business meeting, the rector of DSTU, Vice-Rector for International Activities Svetlana Shvedova and representatives of the Chinese delegation signed an agreement between the board of the Yantai High and New Technologies Zone and the Don State Technical University on the opening of the Russian-Chinese Technology Transfer Center. December 2015).

    The Signed agreements of DSTU.

    As part of the development of partnerships and the implementation of the export of educational services. the need to attract Russian, Chinese and foreign organizations with high educational, scientific potential and qualified personnel for educational services and the need for mutual co-ordination and cooperation in development and promotion of the Russian language as a foreign one, DSTU signed an agreement with the University of Yantai on promoting the Russian language as a foreign language

    The participation of the Don State Technical University in the SRSPA allowed the launch of joint projects of Russia, China and Georgia aimed at expanding cooperation between universities and enterprises, the introduction of effective models of knowledge transfer centers and technologies, the commercialization of intellectual property and high-technologies development.

    High scientific and technical potential of DSTU is highly appreciated at the world level with good reason. The university has become one of the leading universities in the country, successfully implementing strategic cooperation with business and industry, public and state structures aimed at improving the scientific, innovative and business status of the city and the region.
    It is certain that DGTU has already achieved colossal results in the field of promotion and commercialization of new ideas and technologies and would not stop at what has been achieved.

    The partners of DGTU are:
    • Association of high and new technologies zones "Silk Road"
    • Association of Technical Universities of Russia and China
    • China-Russia High and New Technology Zone of Yantai
    • University of Yantai
    • Yantai Agricultural Academy
    • Ludun University, Yantai
    • The Yantai Hi-Thech international cooperation company
    • Recruitment Agency, Liaochen
    • Warm Canal Factory, Liaochen
    • Eurasia Development Ltd, Hong Kong
    • Shandong University
    • China Agricultural University
    • Central Southern University, Changsha
    • Chongqing University
    • Changchun Polytechnic University
    • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and others.

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